An Intimate Look at Fear with Deirdre Kamber Todd

(Dec. 12, 6:30) — Channel 69 News and the Wisdom Coalition have interviewed Deirdre Kamber Todd for an intimate look at how fear affects our lives.  Whether at work or at home, fear can become a wall against which we feel powerless, preventing us from becoming our best selves.  Along with Nancy Werteen, Kim Howie, and a therapist specializing in fear, Deirdre takes us down an intimate fearjourney of the fear she developed after 9/11 and how she set a plan in motion to defeat her personal demon.  The segment will be aired on December 12, at 6:30 on Channel 69; don’t miss it!

About Deirdre_Kamber_Todd

Deirdre Kamber Todd joins her partner, Frayda Kamber, in partnership in The Kamber Law Group, P.C. With over forty years of experience, they have created a next-generation law firm focused on business and employment law, social media and internet law, HIPAA, unemployment compensation, end-of-life law, LGBT law, and cemetery law.

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