Expert Witness Services in Social Media

In addition to representing clients in social media and related cases, we also provide assistance to lawyers, judges, and clients who already have counsel.  If you have a case which involve social media, we can provide you with  insight, strategy, and advice.  We also can provide an expert witness to testify regarding social media and networking.

Attorney Kamber Todd:

  • Has been recognized by the Lehigh County Court as an expert witness in social media and networking.
  • Has a professional certification in Social Media and Networking from Seton Hall University.
  • Has a professional certification in Health Information Privacy.
  • Is a licensed trainer for Operation Safe Surf, an internet safety program for children, coordinated by the Attorney General.
  • Has routinely handled cases involving:  Facebook, Google, Google Maps, LinkedIn, texting, email, website terms of use, fraudulent email use, technology non-competes and restrictive covenants, website development, acceptable use policies,  electronics and unemployment compensation, social media in custody disputes, online harassment, cyber-bullying, and electronic discovery.’

  • Has provided numerous training and articles, including (most recently):
    • “Conquering Social Media in the Workplace:  Your Self-Help Toolbox”  (PA State Council SHRM 25th Annual Conference, September 8, 2012).
    • “Surfing Technology Law:  Where We are from Social Media to Electronic Medical Records” (HR Keystones, Winter 2011).  To view,click here.  
    • Twitter While You Work: The Legal Impact of Social Media, Networking, and Cloud Computing in the Workplace”  (Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of UPMC, Fall 2012).  To view, click here.
    • “Yes They Can” (Morning Call, April 3, 2012).  To view, click here.                                
    • “Playboy Launches Work-Friendly Website”  (reprint,, July 20, 2010).
    • “Companies Need Social Media Policies” (Morning Call, June 8, 2010).  To view, click here.

Ms. Kamber Todd’s full resume is available on our Attorney Information page, available here.

So, if you need some focused assistance on social media and networking law in an active issue or case,  we can work with you and your counsel to resolve your issues.

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